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Selection of a provider not listed in this directory
may result in higher out-of-pocket expenses for you.
By using participating providers, you can reduce your medical care expenses! We have made every effort to ensure this
directory information is complete and accurate, as of the date it was prepared. However, since provider information is
continually being updated, it is extremely important that you confirm, before your appointment, that your provider participates:
  • in the Network product you have (Sagamore Plus, Sagamore Select, Ambassador Care), and
  • at the location where you will receive services.

  •  Use the following fields to search for a Sagamore® Network Provider. You can search using any of these fields individually or in conjunction with other fields. You could search for all Providers, within the network, named SMITH by keying smith in the Provider's Last Name field and clicking Search. You could search for all Family Practice providers in Marion County, Indiana by entering Marion in the County field selecting Indiana in the State field and selecting Family Practice in the Specialty field and clicking Search. Try different combinations.

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